I’ve decided that today’s non-cat blog should feature our less companionable companions, i.e. the wildlife that shares our property oh, so graciously with us.

When I saw this little fellow, my first thought was that someone had lost their budgie.  But upon closer inspection (through the long lense of my camera) he showed himself to be a Blue-winged Grass Parakeet (AKA Blue-winged Parrot).  While they are not uncommon on the mainland of Australia, only a small number make the journey to Tasmania every year during breeding season.  And our area seems to be one of the few that they favor, as we’ve never seen them more than a few kilometres from here.

Indeed, one of the reasons that we bought this property was the plethura of wildlife (including Blue-winged Parrots) that we saw just over the hill in Chancey Vale Wildlife Sancturary.

So, who lets you live in their backyard?

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