A businessman who headed efforts to build a counter-Clinton library — famously spoofed on The Daily Show — near Clinton’s “Lie-brary” has given up,

“I was very passionate about this, but also very naive as far as fundraising procedures go,” he wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press, which reported today’s story, “Counter Clinton Library group folds.”

However, the Counter-Clinton library site is still asking for donations and hasn’t announced that it’s folding. I wonder how many ‘winger bozos will keep sending money.

Naive just begins to describe Richard Erickson. Or maybe he was just helping himself first to the donations?

“Nearly every dime raised has gone to professional fundraisers and lawyers,” Erickson wrote to [former GA Rep. Bob] Barr. “I cannot continue, in good conscience, to ask well-meaning people to donate to what they believe is a good cause, when the money will most likely be consumed in administrative and legal expenses.”

Barr was a manager in Clinton’s House impeachment trial and Erickson said Barr would provide impeachment documents from his collection at the State University of West Georgia.

Erickson partnered with former one-term New York U.S. Rep. John LeBoutillier to start planning the response library idea three years ago. They were fond of calling the official presidential library, which opened last November, a “lie-brary.”

In addition to Barr’s help, Dick Morris, Clinton’s former strategist who resigned after revelations of an affair with a former call girl, and Gary Aldrich, the former FBI agent whose bestseller alleging sexual escapades made headlines in 1997, pledged insider documents.

By the way, the Clinton Library “has exceeded most expectations since opening in November, drawing more than 400,000 people in less than nine months.”

THANKS to Susan T in Michigan for sending me this story!

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