Via The Supreme Court Nomination Blog:

The leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday announced the procedures and dates for the hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. A letter to the Committee’s 18 members describing the hearings can be found here (.pdf).

The opening day of the hearings, Tuesday, Sept. 6, will involve no questioning of the nominee. That session, to be held in the Senate’s ornate and historic Caucus Room, will include statements by members of the Committee, administering the oath to Roberts, and his opening statement.

After that, the hearings, with questioning by the senators, will move on Wednesday, Sept. 7, to a Judiciary Committee hearing room in the Hart Senate Office Building.

There will be at least two rounds of questioning. Each senator will have 30 minutes in the opening round, and each 20 minutes in the second. The letter said the Committee would determine later whether to have further rounds, and how long they would last.

One session will be closed to the public, apparently to consider any matters the Committee thinks should be kept confidential.

Get your rest now. Enjoy the rest of summer. Or, if you can’t wait to start the fight, let the members of U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee know how you feel about pro-corporate, anti-equal pay for equal work, pro-life judges getting lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.