Ken Salazar’s support for Abu Gonzales had me wondering whether I should have left the U.S. Senator box on my ballot blank, but I’m gonna call Ken’s office tomorrow and thank him for this.

Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar today called for President Bush to seek the resignation of Michael Brown as director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“Specifically, Mr. Brown represented to the public that he could not have imagined the levees being breached in New Orleans, even though he had been briefed by federal government experts nearly a day and a half before Hurricane Katrina made landfall that those levees could indeed be breached by the hurricane surge. Having received such information, Mr. Brown should have acted more quickly than he did — and should not have suggested to the American public that he was given contrary information,” Salazar said in the letter.

The only thing that would have made me happier would have been for Sen. Salazar to ask Bush to resign.

Every senator and representative with half a conscience should be writing these letters. They need to stand en masse on the Capitol steps and demand a wholesale housecleaning at FEMA and Homeland Security.

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