We all know the drill by now. In a few months, Bush will appoint a “bi-partisan” commission to investigate the pathetic response to Katrina. After a few months of testimony this blue-ribbon panel will determine some low level bureaucrats screwed up royally and a new set of recommendations will be looked at to reform the offending agencies. We saw it after 9-11 and we saw it with the investigation into the “intelligence failures” that led to the war in Iraq.  “Pony-boy” Brown will be toast, maybe Chertoff also. Bush will be more then willing to throw a few minor players to the wolves. But I say forget about Bush..who cares..he’s a dead man walking and just hasn’t figured it out yet. We need to focus on directing the blame for all Bush’s failure on to those who have allowed this idiot to rule unchecked: a Republican Congress that has for six years has RUBBERSTAMPED every one of Bush’s hair brained ideas  The response to Katrina is the best argument in the world against one party rule in Washington.
 For six years every Republican in Washington has attached himself to Bush like a Siamese twin. All we have to do is make sure they don’t have a chance to distance themselves from his decisions. The message is simple:

“We need a congress that will ask the tough questions, and do the hard work necessary to solve this nation’s problems and not just RUBBERSTAMP every decision coming out of the White House. We don’t need a congress that’s so politically one sided that no one dares question the wisdom of making appointments based on ideology and politics rather than qualifications. We don’t need a congress that’s willing to make decisions based solely upon political partisanship, unwilling to question the wisdom of any policy or program that comes out of the White House. We don’t need a congress that’s just a bunch of yes-men, towing the party line. We face some of the most challenging times in our nations history and it will take real innovative thinking to solve these problems and meet these challenges. We need a congress that is willing to look for real solutions, not just how to score political points with the boss.”

Holding Bush accountable for his actions is good…..Making every Republican Congressmen or Senator accountable is better…. Who failed in Katrina?  Who failed in Iraq? Who failed on 9-11?  Who failed on the economy?  Who failed on gas prices?  Who failed to find bin Laden?  Who failed on education?  Every Republican that rubberstamped Bush’s policies and appointments without question or inspection, hell, sometimes without even reading them, that’s who failed.  Brown, Chertoff, Tenet, the CIA, the FBI, no WMD’s, they’re all the Republican Congress’s fault for not asking the tough question, for not doing their jobs.

If we can organize this frame and stick to it like glue, everything that Bush does (or doesn’t do) between now and 2006 becomes another weight around the necks of the Republican Congress