If you’ve been involved in Wikipedia’s Hurricane Katrina PeopleFinder data entry project, which is aimed at compiling names of the missing and found from as many online sites as possible, please note that after some 98,000 entries have been posted, data entry has been temporarily suspended while the Wiki team works on a more streamlined process. You can participate in that planning.
Here’s the update:

We have temporarily suspended data entry operations to give us a moment to breath and think.

Volunteers are needed to develop documentation and training materials for data entry (If I see John and Sue Smith, is that one entry or two?). Some of this work has already been started. It needs to be extended and improved. See current work at Tips_on_entering_data

New and better data entry forms will be implemented after this temporary suspension of volunteer data entry ends.

Coordinate among yourselves on the peoplefinder email list: peoplefinder@activist-tech.org.

To join the discussion list, send a blank email to peoplefinder-subscribe@activist-tech.org. After you send the subscribe email, watch for the confirmation email and follow the instructions. Don’t worry, it is easy!

You have entered over 98,000 records! Your feedback and suggestions are essential to this project!

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Wiki has provided a link to Volunteer Match if you are looking for another way to help in the meantime. There are so many other opportunities as well, as we all know.

You can also register for the next round of data entry at Wiki here.

Kudos to all who have been helping out. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to potentially match people up and I’ve been heartened reading messages from people who have found their loved ones.

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