Try to catch Aaron Brown’s show. At the beginning, an Anderson Cooper report is featured, showing photos of corpses — many of them mutilated — found in the convention center. I did a search and this is the only matching story I could find at Google news:

So far, National Guard troops have reported finding at least 40 mutilated bodies at the city’s convention centre which was used as a refugee centre. Arkansas guardsman Mikel Brooks told the New Orleans Times Picayune many of the dead were elderly, or showed signs of trauma. “There’s another one in the freezer, a seven-year-old with her throat cut,” he said. …

    “Retreating waters reveal Katrina’s horrors — Seniors die in beds; troops find beaten bodies in convention centre’s freezer,”, The Ottawa Citizen; with files from Halifax Daily News and The Associated Press

See also: A NOLA op-ed, “Medical myths debunked” (“Dead bodies on the streets and in the water are an etiologic agent for severe psychological trauma, not contagious diseases.” … “I heard a state health official discuss concerns about cholera and other enteric diseases. Cholera is a pathogen that is rare in our environment. It requires human consumption of food or water contaminated with a causative pathogen which is not even established in our wetlands. Cholera and typhoid are not infections we will face in the upcoming weeks and months.”) I hope this physician is correct. I recall that, after the tsunami, medical experts implored people not to worry about the corpses giving them diseases.

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