Once again the United States has presented a slide show of satellite pictures to “prove their case” that Iran has nuclear capabilities and poses a threat to our National Security. The problem this time around while the United States is crying wolf, no one is apt to believe the “intelligence” as it is too eerliy like that Colin Powell presented almost three years and 2000 Americans later.

WaPo fills us in.

There’s more.
According to the article, “Sept. 13 — With an hour-long slide show that blends satellite imagery with disquieting assumptions about Iran’s nuclear energy program, Bush administration officials have been trying to convince allies that Tehran is on a fast track toward nuclear weapons.”

“The PowerPoint briefing, titled “A History of Concealment and Deception,” has been presented to diplomats from more than a dozen countries. Several diplomats said the presentation, intended to win allies for increasing pressure on the Iranian government, dismisses ambiguities in the evidence about Iran’s intentions and omits alternative explanations under debate among intelligence analysts.”

No alternative explanations? Of course not that wouldn’t be the style of these warmongers.

“Several diplomats said the slide show reminded them of the flawed presentation on Iraq’s weapons programs made by then-secretary of state Colin L. Powell to the U.N. Security Council in February 2003. “I don’t think they’ll lose any support, but it isn’t going to win anyone either,” said one European diplomat who attended the recent briefing and whose country backs the U.S. position on Iran.”

Even our “backers” are skeptical. And why wouldn’t they be after what our President has done and failed to do.

“Several influential nations such as India, Russia, China, South Africa and Brazil share U.S. suspicions about Iran’s intentions. But they maintain profound differences with the Bush administration over how to respond, and are apprehensive about the goals of a U.S. president who has said “all options are on the table,” in dealing with Tehran.

Three years ago, the White House used the same annual gathering to put both Iraq, and the world community on notice. In a toughly-worded speech, delivered six months before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Bush warned that the United States would deal alone, if necessary, with a dictator bent on launching nuclear weapons.”

Will this maniac that has his finger so close to the button destroy the world as we know it? Will he lead us into a nuclear war? Will we allow him to? He has three more years to achieve this insane take over of the Middle East. Calling Pat Lang and Larry Johnson. We need your help now. We MUST stop this insanity before it is too late.

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