A dog stranded for days in high floodwaters in New Orleans found shelter in this AC unit cage. He was pulled to safety by an HSUS rescue team. (Tim Carman/The HSUS)

As Larry Johnson wrote the other day,”Send me a few of these dogs, Mr. President. ARE YOU WILLING TO LEAVE BARNEY BEHIND TO DROWN OR TOSS HIM OVERBOARD?” Larry advises calling the Congress Capital Switchboard at 202-224.3121 and
the White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414 OR 1111.

[From HSUS] Dear Susan,

On Wednesday, one of our Disaster Animal Response Teams in New Orleans rescued a St. Bernard from a rooftop – a dog they described as the most emaciated animal they had ever seen in all their years of handling animals. The veterinarian who treated the dog was shocked that the animal, who weighed just 40 pounds, was still alive.

Who helped us rescue this animal? It was several National Guardsmen, who heeded our rescuers’ pleas to take them through the water on a tank so they could get up on the roof to save the dog.

But the troops’ actions were not ordered by the National Guard – nor by the White House, the Defense Department, the Department of Homeland Security, or the state of Louisiana. In fact, despite our repeated requests, none of these entities has formally agreed to marshal their ground forces to help rescue the pets and other animals slowly starving to death in the affected areas.

At a press conference just a few hours ago, I implored the federal government to come up with the nation’s first animal rescue plan. Now, I am writing to ask you to give them the same message: Please call or email President Bush and other officials today and urge them to help us before it’s too late. MORE BELOW:

Time is running out for these animals. Every hour that passes means more pets, locked behind closed doors in the disaster zone, will die of starvation. Our teams are working as hard as they can to reach as many pets as they can – and as we reported to you on Wednesday, we’ve rescued thousands. But there are thousands more.

At this 11th hour, when so many lives are at stake, we are asking you to help. I urge you to contact these government officials today and ask them to help rescue animals before it is too late. Please click here to call or send an email to President Bush and other federal and state officials who have the power to order National Guardsmen and other responders to assist with food drops, help supply our own operations, and do whatever else it takes to save animals.

One of our rescuers said it best: “We should not have to rely on the compassionate instincts of individual Guardsmen to rescue these animals. We need the full commitment of the government.”

Members of Congress have also been calling on President Bush and the federal agencies to actively assist with direct animal rescue. With most of the human victims of the catastrophe removed from the city, it’s not too late to save animals’ lives. It’s time for the government to recognize the incredible bond between people and their pets, and step in to help.

On behalf of the animals and our disaster teams, thank you.


Wayne Pacelle

President & CEO

The Humane Society of the United States

P.S. Do you have a question about our disaster response for animals? Then please read our frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer there, then call us at 1-800-HUMANE-1 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time, or reply to this email (disaster@hsus.org) with the topic of your question identified in the subject line. Thank you!

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