This is a call for proposals.  I’ve been running around this week, attending as many progressive/activist organization meetings locally as I can, just trying to get off my butt and get involved.

One thing I have learned in week #1, is that I am a good complainer, and a pretty poor problem solver.

Don’t get me wrong.  I could probably still kick some butt in a courtroom, if it came to that, on some issues.  But, trying to come up with ideas to act locally to help address real problems, not so much.  So on various topics, I am seeking advice from the experts at Booman, below the flip.
Energy Ideas
One of the groups I have met with is concerned with working toward a sustainable community.  I think this is my favorite group.  There was lots of talk about energy, and what might be done about it locally.  I am wondering if any of our energy experts out there have any suggestions about projects or goals a local group might try to effect, to make their communities more sustainable in energy terms.  No idea is too small, or too large.

Local Anti-War Initatives
One of the groups is focused on peace.  Their activities currently seem to consist of having a poorly attended rally once a week, trying to recruit new members at local gatherings to grow, working to stop recruitment at local high schools, and what all else, I don’t really know yet.  Anybody at BMT have any cool ideas for local ways to try and have an impact and bring a stop to this reviled war.

Micro-credit and Mondragon
Can’t leave you business and economic types out of the discussion.  A group concerned with social justice talked about starting a Micro-credit program to compete with and replace the predatory pay check lenders in the community.  This got me thinking along the lines of the Mondragon system of financing businesses in Spain.  But, on the details, who knows where to begin?  Any other ideas along these lines, or specifics which might help actually getting a micro-credit or mondragon system running?  Or is this just pie in the sky?

Creative Protests For Youngsters
One of the groups is younger people.  They seem a bit on the radical side.  Like, I would say the members of this group stand the best chance of getting hammered with a police baton, or spending a night in jail.  On the one hand, I admire their enthusiasm.  On the other, a young skull is a terrible thing to waste.  Any creative types out there have any ideas for a radical, yet safe, trendy alternative kind of protest, that might interest folks like this, and yet help keep them safe from our militant police forces?

Okay.  That is enough for now.  Suggestions?  Discuss and decide.  Thanks.

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