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This is my first post on “this” side of the blogosphere and with it I’m hoping to collect information that will help us come together for the march on Washington this weekend.  I’ve been in email conversation with Maryscott and she says a lot of people at Booman are planning on meeting up this weekend, so I wanted to chime in and throw my hat into the mix.

I’ve been coordinating a “koskontingent” for the march over at dailykos.com.  There is a solid group forming and, obviously, we’re all enthusiastic.  I have a list of attendees from all over who are awaiting word on when and where to meet (both for Friday and Saturday).  I was going to pick a place where we should gather for Saturday morning (and email everyone on Wednesday) so if anyone here has established a location for your group, please let me know.

Also, Friday night… people are interested to know what people are up to so please let me know of any plans.  I, for one, am certainly interested in taking over a bar or lounge and having people come and go and meet one another.  Let me know!

Please feel free to add yourself to the list if you’d like to receive the update and “final word” on where everyone is meeting.  Please also post below to share your info or feel free to email me: kylek at followingpj dot com.  I’m coming up from Atlanta on Friday and having been looking forward to this for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

Thanks to all…

Looks like there is a plan forming afterall:

For Friday:

4pm onward: Meet for happy hour at the Capitol City Brewery
1100 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC.

Happy hour runs from 4pm-7pm and then against 10pm-close. Appetizers are 1/2 price during happy hour.

For Saturday:

Two options:

9am: Meet at the Holiday Inn
1155 14th Street NW, Washington, DC.
Chill, have breakfast, meet peeps, then head down to the Ellipse.

11am: Meet at Visitor’s Center on Ellipse
(inside the Ellipse at E Street and 15th)
pic/map here.

For info on what is happening, when, and where as far as the march is concerned, go here.

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