Raw Story spotted this list of famous New Yorkers’ salaries in the latest issue of New York Magazine.

“Money [getting paid fairly] is a sign of respect,” said Jean Enerson, a female TV news anchor in Seattle, who began in the early 1970s and who had to fight for equal pay. Do you agree?


Anderson Cooper: $2 million

Brian Williams: $4 million

Roger Ailes, Fox Chairman: $7.1 million

David Letterman: $31 million

Jon Stewart: $1.5 million

Arthur Sulzberger, Publisher, New York Times: $1.92 million

Bill Keller, editor, New York Times: $650,000

Thomas Friedman, New York Times: $300,000

Will Shortz, Times Crossword: $90,000

Maria Schneider, the Onion: $17,500

David Remnick, editor, The New Yorker: $1 million

Anna Wintour, editor, Vogue: $2 million


Barry Diller, CEO, USA: $156 million

Sumner Redstone, Viacom: $56 million

Martha Stewart: $13.5 million

BELOW, a poll — where do you stack up?

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