I expect most of y’all already know this, but if not, please go vote.

Democracy for America is asking for input on their first endorsement for the 2006 Congressional elections.  At the time of this posting, John  leads the field.

I ask for your help to  keep him there.

Because if there’s one thing this Congress can use, it’s a whole lot more Courage.
The field has been narrowed, and Texas 21 candidate John Courage has made the cut. Please take a moment to go vote for him. (The poll is being run by Instant Runoff Voting. You can vote for up to three-designating your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices.)

A brief bio supplied by the Courage Campaign’s website:

John is running in the 21st Congressional District in central Texas. He has
served in the U.S. Air Force, as a teacher in inner-city public schools,and as a member of the San Antonio Teacher’s Council Board. He is dedicated to providing affordable health care for all, preserving and strengthening Social Security, and the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. He also seeks to strengthen public schools and to reduce our dependency on foreign oil through the development of alternative energy sources.

Want to know more about why you should support John Courage as a Grassroots All-Star? Here’s an excerpt from his Blog For America posting after making the finalist cut:


I can win this race and send Lamar Smith packing, and send a message to the Republican leadership in Washington that the Democratic Party is alive and well, but I will need help.

While Smith’s campaign relies on large corporate donations and the support of his mentor Tom Delay, my campaign relies on the support of everyday people. I am fielding a large team of enthusiastic volunteer supporters to reach-out to Democrats, Republicans and independents throughout my district. Democracy for America supporters can provide a big boost to this effort and help put right-wing Lamar Smith on the defensive by backing my campaign.

As I understand it, the candidate with the most votes will be the subject of an endorsement email from DFA that can bring a very helpful influx of cash early in the campaign season.

Wouldn’t that be a nice way to start a long Congressional campaign?

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