I have officially had enough of Texas.   We live over 3 hours from Houston but when I went to the grocery store this morning they were out of water… the panic has set in.  I’m trying to be sensible but panic is a fairly contagious little bugger and I can feel in my tummy the beginning rumblings of panic.  It’s at the early stages but I have to admit that I’m getting worried.  
I’m out of my element, you see.  I can tell you what to do in a snowstorm, I can tell you what to pack in your car for a long journey through the bush, through moose infested pine trees…but I know jackshit about hurricanes.   Although it’s looking like the worst we might see is tornadoes (holy crap! tornadoes!) I’m still counting my children and trying to find my passport…it’s around here somewhere.  

The thing is that I’ve lived here for over 6 years and I still don’t understand why they don’t have basements.  Some days I go into my closet and fantasize that there are steps to a magical basement there where the washer and dryer and the cat box can live without being just off my kitchen causing my kitchen to be come the sorting area for laundry and slightly stinky from cat shit.   Why are there no basements?  Why does the guy up the street from me have his truck jacked up 10 feet off the ground?  Why does the guy on the other side have a ‘Texas Terrorist Hunting Permit’ sticker on his car….has he caught any terrorists?  I think not.  Why don’t women around here have their own nails?  What’s the deal with engagement rings being bigger than people’s fingers….it’s not practical.  Why is it still 37 fricking degrees on the first day of Autumn?  Don’t get me started on fahrenheit….

So because there was no water at the grocery store I got beer…and chocolate.  Hey Rita…bring it on.  

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