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I flew back from Washington tonight.  Twenty five dollars caught me an earlier flight and a better seat.  It was the Setting Sun’s performance of Light Against Cloud in the Sunday Evening Sky… told to the brilliantly orchestrated music of Sigur Ros on the iPod.  I had a front row balcony seat, the best in the house, and while I allowed myself to be humbled, yet again, by the light show I’d seen a million times (but find myself never being able to predict), I began to drift beyond my place in the sky.  I began to reflect upon my weekend.
Just one day earlier, I was a part of history.  On September 24th, 2005, I participated in the March on Washington.  A march protesting my country’s occupation of another, a march against a president I despise, and a march to unite me with friends, both known and unknown, exercising our right to assemble and speak freely for what we believe.  Having brought two friends with me, meeting four more, and helping coordinate other’s from around the country (others who my only familiarity were screennames such as RenaRF, PastorDan, Damnit Janet, Maryscott, etc), we came seeking unity under this common missive.  We came to stand among fellow members of this great Nation under God, indivisible, seeking liberty and justice for all.

Whereas the call to action was protesting the war, everyone was there for their own little something.  If pet issues were suns and their supporters were planets orbiting around them, then DC was a DarkSyde Science Friday diary put in motion.  The pro-Palestinian-state boys walked alongside the “9/11 was planned” conspiracy theorists.  The “Fuck the Pig State” sign holders walked alongside the “Grandmas for Democracy.”  Cops on horses stood watching and became the backdrop to bandana-clad-teenage-goof-offs spelling out incomprehensible words with their body parts.  It was a peaceful hodge-podge of cause and character… America personified.

It was also America at its best.  The beauty of that place was being together and being welcomed, regardless.  Stars and planets might make up their own solar systems but viewed from afar they’re all a part of the same galaxy.  Those galaxies, when viewed from even farther, are all a part of the same universe.  This is who we are, democrats.  This was who we were on Saturday.  We marched together, you holding your sign and me sporting mine, and even though Grannies don’t say the f-word they still lent their hands in solidarity to whoever walked beside them.  

I stood there too.  I was the boy in the pink t-shirt that read “not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you.”  I could have easily been accused of having mistook the rally for DC’s pride march, or been accused of touting my own “pet” issue, but I was welcomed outright.  Old ladies stopped me to take pictures of “the best shirt I’ve seen all day” while straight boys smirked and nodded in acceptance as they stared at my chest.  The cause was greater than my t-shirt, your sign, or whoever’s pet issue.  Everyone got that.

The overall mission of this assembly was to unite for peace and justice while demonstrating an anger and disapproval for the self-centered, Republican government that is getting it wrong on almost every issue.  To the half million participants of this march I say “mission accomplished.”  You worked your magic while I worked mine and we all circled around, and toward, a natural force that binds all democrats: a compassion for our fellow man.  This force is palpable.  And has gravity.  It brought us together for one of the most successful marches this century has seen.

So let our demonstration be an example to those not only on dailykos, but to those in the greater party of Democrats and beyond.  Fight for your cause and hold the issue most dear to you high up so that others can see.  We can co-exist without negativity, divisive language, or tearing down.  If one of the strengths of the Republican party is their ability to create a message and amplify the fuck out of it, despite its lack of inherent truth, than the beauty of the Democratic Party is that we’re a wide range of people bringing compassion to a wider collection of issues and we heed the call when given.  When’s the last time half a million Republicans collected on the steps of the White House, or anywhere, to fight anything?

So Democrats, Kossacks, whoever… let’s take this march as an example of what is right about us.  I will start by making a commitment to those who read this diary: I support you and stand next to you in this party.  Kos, Armando, Susanhu, every dailykos reader… join me.  I may not agree with you at all times but I’ll extend my hand to you as we walk toward the common mission of taking back our government.  I will not attack your issue, your stereotype, or your worldview.  Say what you want… hold whatever sign you want… just join me in walking toward the White House as we unite for peace, justice, and the common good.  By taking my hand, we’ll be singing “mission accomplished” way beyond this weekend.  We’re getting there, together.  Look outside your window but stop staring at the sun.  You’ll lose sight of the galaxy….

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