President Bush, in a speech yesterday at the White House, urged Americans to conserve gas by not making any unecessary trips, especially by government workers. See story here
Shortly after making these comments, Bush left on one of his 7, count ’em 7, trips to the Hurricane-battered Gulf Coast on Air Force one, which consumes $6,029 worth of fuel per hour.
So while essential government workers should stay home or take the bus to work, Spurious George is jetsetting around the country in the air version of a Hummer, taking fireman and rescue workers off their jobs to pose for photo ops with him.

I say keep Bush at the White House, and have him turn on CNN.  Bush is like one of those ubiquitous bosses, who whenever they try to become more hands-on with a project end up just getting in the way and fouling things up.  Let him play with his toy soldiers in the WH game room and leave the cleanup to the experts…at least those experts who have more experience in disaster relief than running dog and pony shows…

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