You know you are having an effect on the media when the other side tries to keep them from even talking to you.  The following report comes from one of our campaign staffers down south.

The cloudy weather hovering over Irvine yesterday morning paled in comparison to the fog that rolled in as the Schwarzenegger campaign orchestrated yet another staged and scripted “town hall” meeting.

Apparently tired of sharing the spotlight with those pesky nurses, teachers and firefighters who oppose the Governor’s damaging agenda, the campaign handlers today attempted to stop TV cameras from filming the opposition out in front of the Hyatt Regency Irvine.

With security blocking off the main driveway where protestors stood, TV crews were shuttled to the back of the hotel and were initially told they could not film protestors and return to the event.

Perhaps the Governor’s Hollywood version of a “town hall,” doesn’t include real people actually sharing their opinions. As Schwarzenegger’s true colors continue to shine through, his campaign promises ring even more hollow…

“…There is no such thing as democracy in the dark,” Schwarzenegger told the San Jose Mercury News in September of 2003.

“I will open up the windows and doors of government,” he said on the campaign trail.
But apparently those doors are only open to high-dollar campaign contributors and those who will read the Governor’s campaign cue cards on command…

Business as usual for the governor, as his approval ratings go down in a heap with his promises.

Campaign Update


From our new Netroots page:

You can help the Alliance for a Better California defeat Arnold’s nasty little November election from the comfort of your desk, couch, coffee house, or where ever you access the net. We’re reaching out to the netroots to help build a successful campaign to quash Schwarzenegger’s plan, and bring real reform to California. Sure, the word netroots gets bandied about an awful lot these day – but here at the Alliance, we truly are dedicated to building an online grassroots community dedicated to real change in California – and to the defeat of Arnold’s special interests election.

  • We’ve enlisted online advocacy whiz Joe Trippi – the dean of the Dean Internet campaign – to help us develop a community that works, and that speaks to people like you- who want to be involved on their own terms.
  • We’ve brought two full time bloggers on board to maintain the site, and to bring you fresh content and insight every day.
  • We’re listening to your suggestions. How can we improve How can we get you more involved? You can directly contact either of our bloggers – myself, Julia Rosen, and Drew Tappan – with your suggestions, tips, even whispered rumors you think might be of interest to the campaign, or the website.

Read more on our Netroots page, including html buttons and other ways to get more involved.

New Ads

We went live with new ads today on Proposition 75.  As always you can watch the ads on our television page.

New Microsite

In conjunction with the ad launch we went live with a new site,, a spoof designed to inform Californians of the real force behind the governor’s special election – his multimillionaire special interest backers and their national anti-tax agenda.

As always, the door is open over at BetterCA, come join our community discussing the special election.  43 days and counting.

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