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I had the honor to conduct a Q&A interview with candidate Steve Young who is running for the House of Representatives. I would again like to thank Steve for this opportunity and I want to wish him the best of luck. Now let’s get right to the interview. (Questions are in bold followed by the answers.)

Let me ask you what made you decide to go into politics and run for the House of Representatives?  Also, why did you pick this as your first race?

I enjoy working as a jury attorney for the people, so I had not considered running for office until this special election. I am deeply concerned that unless something is done to curb the loss of our middle class jobs, my children and grandchildren will have no future. My father taught me, “Until you stop talking and start doing, nothing happens.” There was no one standing up for the middle class and our future…so I felt I had to run.

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You have stated that education should be a major priority in this country. We have seen our country fall behind the rest of the world when it comes to education. Do you think that No Child Left Behind is the answer and if not what do you suggest is an appropriate start?

The Bush Administration failed to provide the resources to make the “No Child Left Behind” program a reality and it is really only an “Empty School” program that Bush has given America. The real educational problem in this country is, “why are we not educating enough American scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and researchers?” We must inspire and educate America’s children in these fields to create the innovation and ingenuity that will serve as the job base for the future.

When I am elected, I will propose legislation I call “Leave No Innovator Behind.” But unlike the Bush program, my program will earmark specific grants for those people who decide to study science and technology.

Nations around the world, particularly Asia, are graduating engineers at a far faster rate than we are. We must reverse this trend with a renewed emphasis and borrow the enthusiasm and determination we used to succeed in the “race to the moon.”

I personally believe that Stem Cell Research holds a great potential for this country. But lack of education as well as resistance from the current administration is causing us to fall behind the rest of the world. What are your thoughts on stem cell research and if elected would you vote to overturn the current administrations rules on the research?

I agree that Stem Cell research holds hope for millions of people around the world. We must pursue research and development in this field in order to develop the medical miracles of the future. An increased focus on stem cell research will bring relief to millions of current and future Americans suffering from incurable disease and disabilities, but will also create new, good-paying jobs for Americans in the biotechnology industries.

We have seen during the recent devastation in New Orleans the rift between classes in this country.

We hear calls to reduce funding for health care programs for the poor and the elderly.  We hear opposition to rebuilding our storm-ravaged cities. We hear Barbara Bush complaining that evacuees from New Orleans are much better off living on cots in a sports arena than they were before Katrina. Clearly, there are far greater issues at stake than just rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

I recently visited New Orleans to deliver needed supplies and see for myself the destruction and devastation. The news coverage could not prepare me for what I saw. During the trip I went to a relief shelter and entered without any of the supplies I was delivering. The homeless welcomed me as if I just arrived at a family reunion. I saw tears when they learned we were delivering aid. The middle class of this country, the real people, have shown an outpouring of compassion for their brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast while the federal government has sought to demonize those requesting federal money for aid or rebuilding. Michael Brown, formerly the head of FEMA, has even gone so far as to blame his failures on Louisiana and local authorities

“One country, indivisible” is our pledge, yet there is a growing minority that would divide us — creating a “two America” system: one for the `haves’ and one for the `have-nots.’ This is not the America I envision.

Do you support affordable universal health care?

I support healthcare for every person in this country.

Do you support an increase in minimum wage?

No American working forty hours a week should live below the poverty level.

If elected, what would you do to shrink the gap between the poor in this country and the rich in this country?

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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