BooMan, in June, wrote a wonderful description of what this blog is about, and I’m reprinting his comments here. Everyone who’s found a home here really likes these simple statements, and how BooMan has created a warm, inviting, and decent-hearted atmosphere here.

He wrote, “BooTrib looks like Daily Kos, but it is a different site. Below are the two relevant rules … From the FAQ:”

If I don’t consider myself a Democrat, am I welcome at the site?

Yes. You are. Everyone is welcome at the site regardless of political self-identification. I don’t care how you are registered to vote, who you have voted for in the past, or who you plan to vote for in the future.

The only restriction on non-Democrats is that they be respectful of the mission of this site, that they don’t post Bill O’Reilly-like talking points, and that they don’t engage in trollish behavior.

If you are pro-life or anti-gun control, no one should down-rate your posts or make you feel unwelcome at this site, or in the Democratic Party. This site is not for the enforcement of any orthodoxy on its members. Principled disagreement is always allowed. Just don’t act like Sean Hannity and be an idiot.

From the comments:

Post Script: Today I have had to try to arbitrate my first dispute here at BooTrib and it wasn’t a process I particularly enjoyed. But it comes with the job.

And I just want to disseminate a new rule based on my semi-collected thoughts:

Not everyone is as smart as you. Not everyone one is as well informed as you. Not everyone writes as well as you.

And I don’t care how dumb, ignorant, and illiterate you are, there is someone, somewhere who is more so.

So, when it comes to having disagreements and debates and discussions…this is the rule:

Don’t be a prick.

Don’t act in a way that would get you punched in the face or thrown out of a dinner party. Don’t treat other people with disrespect even if you think they are stupid and ill-informed.

Don’t mock someone because they have trouble expressing themselves.

Don’t be a prick.

That’s the rule.

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