There are men who have high level “charismatic skills”, (even if they there’s noting of substance underneath them), who use them to effectively attract, capture and control certain women (and men) who are vulnerable to this.  I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen otherwise intelligent, powerful, apparently independent women, fall prey to men like this.  I believe Bush is one of these men, and this nominee is simply one more “Stepford” candidate for high office.
Bush has the talent of being able to “bind” certain people to him, who then seem to be forever trapped in a trance of cultlike devotion and loyalty.

I suspect this is a skill he developed at a young age, and honed over a lifetime as a way to shore up and maintain his own self delusions. Without “his people”  to feed him, he’d be forced to feel the pain of the massive void within, where a healthy psyche ought to be, but most certainly is not.

These people have swallowed the koolaid down to the last dandy drop, and are not reachable by ordinary means. He controls them, and he knows this full well, which is why he chooses them. They are, in essence, akin to Stepford People, and are in his mind and in reality, mostly extensions of himself.    

This is exactly the type of nominee I expected him to choose. Exactly. He has an apparently endless supply of them.

As long as this man remains President, he will continue to use the power of that office to feed his own sick psyche, at whatever cost to America. He has no other way to function.

Just how long the others in power around him, who have exploited  his psychological deficits to further thier own agenda, can continue to control him, is causing my hair to get whiter.  

I honestly do not see, given the power of the Exxcutive branch, the weakness of Congressional oversight and impotence of  the Demopcratic Party, how any of this can be stopped now.

He needs to be taken out of office. In my opinion, the every welfare of this nation depends on it.  

However, I see no gathering of Americans with the courage or the power to do so.

So, in my opinion, whether this nation will survive the rest of his term or not is a crap shoot, period.