Media Channel has the transcript of Spooky Judy’s appearance on Lou ‘I hate hispanics’ Dobbs’s program:

DOBBS: …I am also dismayed that this investigation has taken this long without result. And the only person who’s paid a penalty to this point is you.

MILLER: Well, let’s wait and see what Mr. Fitzgerald has. If he brings indictments, if he has a very serious case, then I might have to say that perhaps his zealousness with respect to this mission was justified. I don’t know what Mr. Fitzgerald has. I’m waiting to see like everybody else what he produces. But if he doesn’t have anything, I will wonder about why I had to spend 85 days in jail, and why I may be the only one to spend time in jail.

But we don’t know yet, Lou. It’s interesting to me, nobody has been able to crack the case yet. Nobody knows what he’s working on.

Fitzgerald has already proved that he doesn’t much care what Judith Miller thinks of him. But Judy has a point. A lot of people, especially in print journalism, are going to be pissed off if Fitzgerald doesn’t indict someone. They are going to be pissed on Spooky Judy’s behalf. Why did she have to spend 85 days in jail so Fitz could prove that no crimes were committed?

No. I think all prosecutors feel pressure to bring charges when they take on a big case. That psychological fact is actually a good argument for both the presumption of innocence and against the death penalty. And if Fitz has Republican leanings, he also has to explain why this investigation has gone on so long, and why he put a journalist in jail.

I predict that Fitz has found a way to prosecute the Plame Affair and that the hammer is about to drop.

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