This constant bashing of the military and america is evil and americans are evil is way to much for me right now. See you later.

I need to get away from here before I cross that line of becoming a prick.
This constant bashing of the military and America and particularly this every American is evil is to much for me.

I simply refuse to allow myself to become a prick and if I keep reading this horseshit I will cross that line and destroy something I respect.

see you all around the campus sometime in the near future.

I will admit that I have aggressively defended my family, my friends and my country in some of the diaries I posted comments within over the last few days.  I am not an apologist for my nation, I am will not be labeled as an American purist or a Bushco sympathizer.  My country is in the throes of a fascist takeover, perpetuated by the PNACers, which want nothing more than to make the rest of the world subservient to the US and its policies.  I despise these fascists and have fought within every legal means I know to prevent and mitigate their destruction of my nation and its constitution.  I am going to offer you a little background as to why I am so vehemently opposed to blanket statements that paint all people with the same broad strokes as being lazy, stupid, ignorant, criminal or willfully negligent.

Having had the dishonor of growing up in a home that espoused a distinctly KKK aroma of hatred and disrespect for anyone who was not an WASP, who hated jews, blacks, hispanics, catholics, indians and all the other sub human species of the human race, I was quickly indoctrinated that I was unworthy because my mother was part native american.

As I grew up and became more acquainted with drugs and alcohol, I also became an equal opportunity bigot; I hated everyone equally and used racial slanders as a mighty weapon.  I willfully went out of my way to start fights with anyone whom I felt was less than me and that was everyone because I had such a fever to prove that I was one of the superior humans on this planet.  

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When I found recovery, I quickly was made aware that, I am just a member of the greater human race and like every other member of the human race, I have value.  I have worked diligently to promote that agenda, that every single member of the human race is valuable, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, creed or color.  I have spent most of my adult life in recovery working to bring about social justice for all members of my country and the greater membership of the rest of the world.  My country is many things and has caused as much good in the world as it has caused harm.  It will only change its policies when those of us who actually believe that the greater good is a far nobler arena than the good of only the United States.

To have someone repeatedly claim over and over again in broad general statements that America and Americans are the worst form of life sucking death dealing scum who have infected the world with their Imperialism and hegemony, does little to encourage change and even less to promote a civil discourse in how to create solutions to the many problems facing not just America but the rest of the world.

I am by no means perfect nor do I offer that I have all the answers.  What I strive to achieve in my life is some impact in any place that I have access to, to create solutions to problems that are present within my community.  I give of myself in as many ways as possible to enhance my community and my life.  I have given not only my money, but also my time to facilitate changes within my society.  I was a volunteer at a children’s hospital for more than two years every Friday night walking crack, heroin and cocaine addicted babies because the nursing staff was so overwhelmed by the numbers being brought to the hospital.  I worked with HIV positive male prostitutes, some as young as 13 years old, to help them find homes and someone to care about them.  I have spoken to power to address the issue of syringe exchange only to be told that if I tried to do that I would arrested, so we started giving our packages with bleach to addicts, so they might mitigate their chances of infection from HIV.

I worked with gang members to help find ways to alleviate the amount of violence in so many neighborhoods where I lived.  I finally could no longer watch the death and destruction of so many wonderful youthful human beings.  So I returned to a more national focus, to try to impact our government and its policies.  I don’t know if I have made any changes, I don’t know if my continued writing to members of congress, the president, the governor, members of state congressional delegations has created any change. What I do know is that I have not stopped, I have not abandoned my core principles that all human beings are valuable.  That each and every human life on this planet should have the same opportunities to have clean water, food, shelter, clothing and security of their persons.

I find it hurtful and non-productive when someone chooses to brush me with the same strokes as the criminal enterprise that currently controls my nation.  It does little to help me formulate solutions to the overwhelming issues that face my country.  If you want to alienate those of us who believe that we can change our nation, then by all means brush us with the strokes of war criminal, hatemonger, despot nation, and Imperialist warmonger.  I am sure you will soon find that you have far fewer Americans willing to work toward changing our national policies and far more willing to simply state, what the hell, I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t, I quit.

As for this human being, I want a better life for my children than the one I currently live within.  The only way that is going to occur is by building coalitions and gaining power in the same way the Neo Con fascists have gained power.  I don’t know if we can change anything, what I do know is if I don’t try, then it will never change and I will have to face my children one day and explain to them why they live in a theocratic/fascistic state.  Or worse, I will never have an opportunity to talk to them again because the world blew up around us.

I will not apologize for defending honorable men and women who in fact did choose to serve in the US Armed forces.  They are many decent law abiding people who have stood up for those who are less fortunate than them.  As I stated before, I have two cousins in the Marines who have been punished for making a stance against an illegal order and they will continue to do so until such time as they are discharged or arrested.  If you have a problem with the US, then by all means let us know, if you don’t have something constructive to help us facilitate change, then be prepared to have someone challenge you.  Constant denigrating, harping about how evil we are, how despicable our culture is, truly is counter productive to helping us facilitate change.  I have no problem in addressing real problems with my country, in its current state; I have great fear that we have in fact crossed the line of demarcation.  I hope we have not, I hope that together those of us in the US that truly believe that we are viable and valuable members of the world community can bring about structural change in the US and its policies.

I was recently accused of the dreaded phase STFU, if that person can clearly and definitively show me where in any place in my comments to anyone that I made that premise, you will publicly receive an apology from me.  I may vehemently disagree with many here, but I respect their right to be heard and as far as I can tell, I have not stated that anyone should STFU about their views.  I come here to disassociate myself from my comfort zone, there are those who make me truly uncomfortable and those who help me see the weaknesses in my arguments.  Then there are those who give me valued assistance in formulating solutions to problems.  This community has made me a better human being and a better member of the human race and its worldwide community.  I wish to thank you all for that great privilege.

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