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Here is your chance to stop Schwarzenegger and his true lies.  Earlier today, the Governor’s campaign team began airing a new 15-second advertisement that says Prop 76 “will increase funding available to school districts.”

That claim is bogus: according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analysts Office, Prop 76 will slash education funding by $4 billion – and gives the Governor even more power to starve our schools of funding during a “budget emergency.” The California Budget Project came to the same conclusion yesterday.
This isn’t censorship. The Federal Communications Act demands that the truth be told in TV advertisements.

That’s why the Alliance for a Better California has already sent letters to more than 40 stations in California demanding that they take the ad off the air.

In the next 24 hours, TV stations will decide whether to act on our demand that the ad be modified or retracted. We need your help to demand that the stations force the Governor to be honest with California voters about the destructive impact of Prop 76 on our schools.

Call or email RIGHT NOW

Sacramento — KCRA
Elliott Troshinsky

Fresno — KFSN
Charles Pfaff

San Diego — KUSI
Michael McKinnon

Los Angeles — KABC
Arnold Kleiner

San Francisco — Comcast
Mark Clark

Santa Barbara — KEYT
Robert Grissom

You can watch the ad here.  For more information on this false ad see our press release.

P.S. The spokesperson in the ad is Sandra McBrayer. McBrayer was named “Teacher of the Year” more than a decade ago. According to a San Diego Union Tribune article (6/19/05), she earns about $100,000 a year and has lobbied in Sacramento for legislation on after-school programs.

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