Those of us who see only the mad military adventures of Bush and ignore his polcies that are causing economic devastation are unwittingly giving Bush a free pass on both accounts.That the two are inextricably linked goes without saying.His profligate spending on “defense” has just about decimated all the programs in health, education and welfare for people.When the full impact of Delphi’s bankruptcy is felt throughout the Midwest and many small suppliers to Delphi go under and even the big dinosaurs like GM bite the dust, the reverberations throughout our economy will be comparable to the depression of 1929.

Even with these telltale signs of disarray,he seems totally unaware of the suffering his policies are causing for working people.And because he is moronic, stubborn and wedded to ideology, he seems completely incapable of evaluating facts and responding to conditions as they exist today.His response when he is found wanting is to create photo-ops that cast him in  a favorable light.To the thousands left homeless in New Orleans and the many more thousands that are going to lose everything from Saginaw, MI to New Castle, IN., his photo-ops mean nothing.And his constant repetition of the terror threats have reached the point of diminishing returns.

His administration that was conceived in fraud, has been kept alive by fraud and is now running on fumes.He has put this country through immense suffering to stroke his own paltry ego.Many people have paid dearly for that wanton exercise.

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