Well, the CA-48th has settled into a three period waiting for the November 8th statewide elections.  Everyone in the 48th is trying their best to help do the work necessary on the November 8th election and still help CA-48 and Steve Young and it’s hard on everyone!  Our army will pick up dramatically after the Statewide General Election is finished and the Governor’s effort is defeated.

Yesterday Governor Muscles started his official GOTV effort in OC and Steve Young was out front with the Firefighters, Police unions and other labor groups protesting with signs and shouts.

But the most amazing piece of info from this mornings article about the Statewide General Special Election was that even Muscles was only predicting a 30% turnout!
With the tens of millions that both sides have already spent on this race I thought it would be much higher than that.

This makes my own prediction for Dec 6th (the Final General Election for Ca-48th) of 18%, down from the 22% of the Oct 4th Primary, seem realistic…not just wishful. Election fatigue is a reality. Our efforts through phonebanking on absentee ballots registration are extremely important.

If we can move a relative handful of our 108K Democratic Base and the 75K Indy base…much less pick up the Republican women that won’t vote for the Republican because he’s Anti-Choice….We can win this race!

We need you good Democrats and Independents to work hard to defeat those damn propositions but not forget the hard work of Steve Young, his volunteers and give generously as you can. As all of you already know, everything we do costs money.

All of us know this isn’t the easiest time to be a Democrat in California. We are faced with huge money and an enormous machine both on Nov 8th and Dec 6th.

But remember that the modern Democratic Party was born in the struggle of the Union movement when getting to the negotiating table was done with physical fighting, blood and broken bones. What we do today is nothing compared to what was done by those brave people a generation or two before us.

Work hard and never, ever give up. Our Democratic forefathers, many of whom shed blood on the picket lines or getting into polling places, demand it of us.

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