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SCOOPtacular Tuesday Edition

Here’s a cool trick I shared with the late night cafe on Friday:

  1.  Click on your User Page from the top menu bar, it should say [your UID]’s page
  2.  Click on Settings
  3.  Select ‘Comment Preferences’, the link is green right underneath
  4.  You’ll see a bunch of empty boxes, put the number 40 in the ‘Nested up to’ box.
  5.  Put a plus (+) sign in the ‘Dynamic Minimal up to’ box.
  6.  Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the menu and you’re set.

What does this do?  It allows any diary under 40 comments to have the default setting of Nested view.  Diaries with over 40 comments will have the Dynamic Minimal view and will show only the comment headlines until you open them individually.  This helps alot with page loading, as well as allowing you to rate faster (test it out on a comment in the last cafe diary, you’ll see what I mean).

What other tips have you discovered using Scoop?

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