“Bad boys, bad boys, What ya gonna do when they come for you?” Now that song will stay in my head all day. LOL!

Oh that ‘Rule of Law’. Remember how many times we heard Republicans on the Judiciary Committee say this during the Clinton Impeachment? Bad words (Lies) and bad deeds do have a way of coming back at you.

I cannot help but think of the big bad boys in the white house are all playing out their childhood vengeances. Without going into their backgrounds, I can imagine that Bush, Cheney, Delay, Rove, Frist etc., were all bullied as little wimpy boys and finally got their chance to pay back society for picking on them. With DUI’s in Bush and Cheney’s background, and lord knows what is lurking in Delay and Rove’s childhoods, one can psychoanalyze to death the ‘reasons’ they have made their own rule of laws.
And because they cheated in the game of life the Rule of Law is coming back at them.

‘Rule of Law’? That’s So ’90s

We are on the verge of an extraordinary moment in American politics. The people running our government are about to face their day — or days — in court.

Those who thought investigations were a wonderful thing when Bill Clinton was president are suddenly facing prosecutors, and they don’t like it. It seems like a hundred years ago when Clinton’s defenders were accusing his opponents of using special prosecutors, lawsuits, criminal charges and, ultimately, impeachment to overturn the will of the voters.

Clinton’s conservative enemies would have none of this. No, they said over and over, the Clinton mess was not about sex but about “perjury and the obstruction of justice” and “the rule of law.”

The old conservative talking points are now inoperative.

Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do…

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