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I’ve been hearing of these racist twins for the past few days on the blogosphere but I just read the full ABC report on them and I’ve never been so grossed out by such hatred.

First a little on the twins and then some input from me.

The twins are 13 years old and if it weren’t for their hatred and bigotry they would be fairly attractive. The two girls, Lamb and Lynx, have grown up around a Nazi household where the father worships Hitler and other racist/Nazi bastards. The twins have begun making a career out of singing racist songs and the twins have become so popular spewing their hate that David Duke has jumped on the bandwagon. They sound like your typical racist fucks but remember that they are only 13 years old!

Now this is the part that really got me about this entire deal:

Like many children across the country, Lamb and Lynx decided to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina — the white ones.

Anyways as I was finishing reading the article I started thinking about freedom of speech and racists or “white nationalists” as they like to be called. I know this may ruffle some feathers and piss a few of you off but I have no sympathy for white supremacists and racists, NONE. Their ideas are equal, if not worse than the ideas of Osama bin Laden. It may sound harsh but these white supremacists and Nazi organizations who sponsor the twins and others like them are terrorist organizations. There is no other name for these neo-Nazis that are silently creeping up across America.

Now if you’re thinking that these terrorists don’t affect your life check out this map put our by the Southern Poverty Law center to track hate groups around your community.

In Fahrenheit 9/11 I remember seeing those elderly peace activists being targeted by the FBI because they opposed the Iraq war through peaceful means. If our government has any brains left it would end it’s assault on peaceful activists fighting for their agenda and start going after these domestic terrorists who support an agenda of hate, bigotry, murder and racial violence.

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