Op-Art: Dick And Don’s Cabal

by the TomPaine.com Editors
     With Libby indicted, that’s one down, 28 to go. Here’s our official guide to the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal that sold America an unjust war.

1.] Many of those shown are Total Insiders in Government.

2]. Have been around for Years have held High Positions in Administrations/Congress.

3.] Have held State Secret Clearance, fully know and understand what Should be held in Secret and what Should be made Common Knowledge.

4.] Understand Fully the Ramifications, of giving out the names of those working Covertly collecting Intelligence and what could happen to contacts as well as fellow workers in the many assignments they undertake.

5.] They also know that bringing on Lies, and Covering them up, that put Americans, American Military Personal, and Friends from other countries, into Extreme Danger is not only Extremely Wrong but Against the Laws of this Country.

6.] They also know that the Killing/Maiming/Torturing of others by Invading a Country Under False Pretenses, Lies, are Crimes against Humanity, and many other Laws, of not only This Country but of the World Body!!

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