Welcome American friend. China calling. We want to thank you for placing the next era of history in our hands. Truth told, it would have been ours anyway, but your president Bush has really helped us in wonderful ways. His best effort was selling us your debt, so you can buy ridiculous things, like the Iraq war and Hummers for your wealthy citizens. Too bad you did not buy health care for your citizenry, or flood protection for your beautiful cities.

Our favorite president of your United States had always been Mr Nixon, but Mr Bush is a gift that keeps on giving. We know that he loves our country more than his own. He loves thinking of us as a potential market, a huge customer base to be exploited by your capitalists. He is welcome to that thinking, and we are glad he forgets we are Marxists. Even when we explain, we think he does not understand.

It is a shame that you do not recognize that despotism and Marxism are different things. We have both. You seem to think that we have embraced capitalism as our destiny. But we have not. We have reexamined Marxism and seen that our previous path was errant. Marxism requires a strong capitalist economy before the workers can form their paradise. So we move in that direction, but only as a step. Our new class of capitalists is easily expendable, once their usefulness has expired. You know that. Like your ruling class, we do not see individuals as important. Callous indifference is a valuable tool.

Look at the Tiananmen Square paperweight on your desk, manufactured by an extremely poor worker. The man who runs the factory where this worker toils has the same cellular phone you have. But the phone is also made in China. And someday perhaps we will not sell you any more of them. Our skill with capital allows us to decide. As we buy more steel and cement to make us stronger, your new bridges and new buildings continue to have greater costs, creating more American debt which we continue to allow you to accumulate. For now.

So please. Continue to worry about your culture war. But be ready to welcome, please, our Cultural Revolution.

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