Judy Miller will pen a “Goodbye Cruel World” letter to the NY Times:

Under the agreement, Ms. Miller will retire from the newspaper, and The Times will print a letter she wrote to the editor explaining her position. Ms. Miller originally demanded that she be able to write an essay for the paper’s Op-Ed page challenging the allegations against her. The Times refused that demand – Gail Collins, editor of the editorial page, said, “We don’t use the Op-Ed page for back and forth between one part of the paper and another” – but agreed to let her write the letter.

In that letter, to be published in The New York Times on Thursday under the heading, “Judith Miller’s Farewell,” Ms. Miller said she was leaving partly because some of her colleagues disagreed with her decision to testify in the C.I.A. leak case.

The only sad part? They didn’t outright fire her and
kick her propagandizing ass to the curb!

The letter should appear in tommorrow’s NY Times. I guess we should be checking the electronic edition tonight? lol

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