Specifically a man.

What makes a good man? I think I have good answer, but I don’t want to give it because then this is a diary about my idea.

You know a good man, don’t you, what’s he like?

Can a good man have faults? can he lie?

He has  responsibilities, what are they to his family? What are they to his life choices, should he contribute to society? or is it also sufficient to simply not be a drain on society, but wait, certainly, some good men have been a drain on society, and it may well have been worth the price, if he truly was good. Was he?

My interest here is due to the fact that some of my best friends are men, I am one, and I am curious what makes a good man.
Ok, I’ll tell some: I believe a good man does not need hope to persevere, knows right from wrong, does not harm anyone unless that person is an aggressor. A good man will stand up for the weak. A good man is willing to work hard. A good man does not believe in petty advantage, and a good man will admit an error. A good man will treat people honestly, and failing, will rectify the situation. A good man can cry without shame. A good man has principles and compassion, can be stern and also compromise. A good man appreciates that other people’s interests have value, and knows how to be polite, but isn’t always.

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