Ok, due to some thoughts and requests on the I Remember When diary, I am puffing up my muscles and dragging this big old Welcome Wagon in here today….Was it missed?
Here’s the deal, whether you just came here a week ago, a month ago or have been here from the beginning, come over here now and tell us all about you, or what you care to share.  Remember, newbies don’t know about you if they just got here, so tell again, if you’ve told before…
Also I am happy to announce that our welcome wagon gift baskets are all lined up and ready to give out, they are filled with all kinds of goodies…
Me, I’m a little old lady in Pasadena, er…..Santa Ana, but nearly the same.  62, semi-retired and about to undergo a move of my own soon, that will be new and different and I feel a great change in my life for the good.  In previous versions of my life I was an antique dealer, a mother of 5, grandmother to many, executive in a Trust Administration Firm, nanny, and oh so many other things…Didn’t identify as a Dem. until Clinton, not an early liberal, wanted to be independent and besides I came from a solid Rep. background..I like to think they would have all turned to if they lived to see the day.
So enough about me, let’s hear about you, and I mean all of you……please!!!!!
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