Update [2005-11-28 18:46:52 by susanhu]: I’ve changed the title of this piece from Scarborough Country OPEN THREAD to the Scaredy-borough Country Open Thread, for the reasons stated above in Larry’s new story.

Previous post: Do you like Joe or hate Joe? Call me a wuss — or something worse — but I find him mostly tolerable compared to the wingnuts on Fox. Last month, a week after Fox’s Tony Snow took over the show and wouldn’t shut up, Bill Maher had Joe Scarborough on and he was refreshing, reasonable and restrained compared to the rabid rat Snow.

Oh, did I tell you that Larry Johnson will be on Joe’s show tonight? It airs at 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

Update [2005-11-28 18:24:48 by susanhu]: From Larry:

[See Larry’s NEW STORY ABOVE on the cancellation of his appearance tonight on the Scaredy-borough Country show.]

Crooks & Liars has been alerted by Larry, and will no doubt have clips for us. And, C&L has linked Jane Hamsher’s latest piece on the CIA Leak case.

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