A few people have asked for my annual list and review of my favorite sex toys so here it is….you should be able to find these online or in your local adult book store.  I included the manufacturers number which is often used at the retail outlet. ps I edited some of the language.

And dont forget that the crazy right wing fascists who dont know how to mind their own business want to take away our rights to porn and sex toys and anything that makes sex more enjoyable, available, or fun. Please support organizations like the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (www.ncsfreedom.org) when you can. They are doing good work fighting for our privacy rights.
The List

Total Blackout Blindfold Avg Retail Price $30.00
Almost as good as a Mindfold, this one is sexy black leather with furry sheepskin inside and adjustable elastic straps….good for guys with really big heads. From SportsSheets. SS60101

Super Sex Sling Avg Retail Price $70.00
One day my girlfriends and I were sitting around the pool looking through a sex toys catalog and all three of us picked the exact same thing. This sling. We are
soooooo lazy. It gets tiring holding your legs in the air while you are f***ng.  This version is great cause it has a super padded neck rest. I hate chafing. From SportsSheets SS12101

I Like It Doggie Style Strap  Avg Retail Price $20.00
I have used this with my boyfriend when s
*ng him in the a* with my strap on. I can raise him up and lower him easily and it’s adjustable so he can use it with me too. Of course a towel works almost as well. From SportsSheets. SS41201

Deluxe Door Jam Cuffs.  Avg Retail Price $25.00
This is great for when you are playing in a hotel or visiting someone who doesn’t have a dungeon in their house (yes there are folks with no dungeons in their houses). This set has ankle and wrist cuffs so you can really immobilize someone in a standing position. I love to use these and tickle the crap out of someone. From SportsSheets  SS32402  

Lap Dancer Thigh Harness with Red Dildo  Avg Retail Price $50.00
Like to sit on Daddy’s Lap? It’s better when you are impaled on Daddy’s lap. I like this one cause the dildo is not only silicone, it’s red!  Bounce away.  From SportsSheets.  SS69608  

Patent Leather Corset Harness  Avg Retail Price $70.00
My favorite discovery of 2004. I got one of these and make my boyfriends wear it. The black patent corset style is incredibly sexy on them and I no longer have to worry about their stamina, their erection issues, their size…… I absolutely LOVE this strap on.  From SportsSheets  SS69201  

Sexy Patent Leather Boots  Christmas Stocking Avg Retail Price   $10.00
To fill with gifts and hang on the mantle at Christmas. From SportsSheets SS05201 and SS05202

Black Biker Boot Christmas Stocking  Avg Retail Price   $10.00
For your favorite leather dyke?  Fill it with lube and new O rings for her strap on.  From SportsSheets  SS05203  

Mary Mermaid Twist and Shake Vibes  Avg Retail Price $70.00
These are brand new and just weird. The designs from this company are whimsical and very odd, but fun and colorful.  I like the mermaid design and I like the way this vibe feels inside. I usually am not into vibrating internal dildos but this one has different sensations and the texture of it is very nice. From Fun Factory FUN16030  

Anal Douche  Avg Retail Price $13.00
This is a self contained bulb that you fill with water and use for internal cleansing. No bags, no tubes, and no chemicals. The tip is even glow in the dark. How helpful is that?  I wish straight men would learn what gay men know, if you want ass play, clean yourself up, or out.  From California Exotics SE0379113  

Tri Rings Cock Rings Avg Retail Price $10.00
The one toy that would help most of the men out there with erectile dysfunction is the cock ring. You will be able to go longer and give your partner a lot more
pleasure if you use one regularly. Plus the feeling of the blood rushing back into your cock when you take it off gives you a much more intense orgasm. These guys
come 3 in a package and they are different sizes so you can use them at the base of your cock or pack your balls in too.  And they are silicone so they are more
sanitary than velcro and more comfortable than metal. From California Exotics SE1421032  Black  and SE1421112  Red

Impulse Fantasy Kit Avg Retail Price $50.00
This is one of my favorite vibrating toys. It’s got an egg, which I love. And it’s got this other thing you can use on your g spot or in your a*. It also has a lot of power and a lot of settings.  AND it’s purple! From California Exotics SE1993143  

Devinn Lanes Waterproof Wireless Nipple Arousers Avg Retail Price $30.00
I love these puppies. No cords and very powerful. The pads are jelly coated for wussies. Plus you can use them in the shower or jacuzzi. They come with batteries. Very nice.  From California Exotics SE8855043    

Vibrating Nipple Clamps  Avg Retail Price $30.00
My first pair. These are sexy black and have adjustable screws so you can really go tight. From California Exotics SE2595003  

Next To Nothing Black Torso Fishnet Jumper Avg Retail Price $30.00
For him or her its very sexy.  From California Exotics SE4046033

Next To Nothing Mesh Muscle Tank Avg Retail Price $25.00
I love this one on my gym rats. From California Exotics SE4047033

Next To Nothing Black Knight Black Mesh Brief  Avg Retail Price $25.00
I think it’s sexier than a thong.  From California Exotics SE4049033  

Impulse Slim Jim Probe  Avg Retail Price $70.00
Intense stimulation from top to bottom, all 7 inches and all 7 beads vibrate. And it’s very powerful. I’m getting one this Chritmas. From California Exotics  SE1855123  

Adonis Pouch  $25.00
Its black, it’s latex, it’s got a cock ring built in, and it vibrates. What’s not to love? From California Exotics  SE1870033  

Acrylic Pleasure Curves $30.00
This is a great milking wand. It’s strong acrylic with no annoying seams, and it has a few bumps just for fun.  This makes prostate massage so much easier. From California Exotics  SE2077002  Clear and
SE2077122  Blue  

E-Zone Vibrating Nipple Clamps with Suction
And bristles.  Avg Retail Price $40.00
How much more can you ask for?  Well I’d ask for pink and ……..there they are. These are very stimulating little devils. From California Exotics SE2598043

Pink Electric Vibrator with attachments Avg Retail Price $30.00
This is my all time favorite vibrator. I love the power, I love the frequency of the vibrations, and I love the color.  I have been through 5 or 6 of them over the years. They are NOT waterproof!!!!. And make sure you are grounded if you are a squirter. More than once I have electrocuted myself when I had a wet one. From Doc Johnson  DJ121401  

The Classic Anal Probe  Avg Retail Price $13.00
I prefer the black one. Black is just so sexy. Fun to yank out when they arent paying attention. From Doc Johnson  DJ026901  

Ballsy Super Cock  Avg Retail Price $20.00
This is a gorgeous pink jelly dildo, 7 inches of heavily veined heaven. With balls so you can use it in your strap on. They make smaller ones but why bother? From Doc Johnson  DJ028801  

Jelly Fun Flex Anal Teaser  Avg Retail Price $13.00
I love this anal toy. It’s got the beads I love and it’s also got this aerodynamic thing behind the beads for easy penetration. It’s a great combination of sensations. Plus it’s…..PURPLE!!! From PipeDreams  PD330303  

Spectra Anal Tool $13.00
This is a great anal toy for just past the beginning stage. I love the bumps. I use these in place of anal beads for a very good reason. Once I was handcuffed to a guys basement ceiling and had anal beads shoved in down there. When he pulled them out I noticed some were missing. Now on a woman thats not such a big deal. You use your fingers in the vagina and push down on them till they pop out your ass. It actually feels kinda nice. But if I were a guy I would have had a trip to the ER in my future cause beads wont come out by themselves unless you are wayyyyyyyyyyy in control of your sphincter. Or have a gaping a
hole.  Forget the anal beads and use the one piece beaded anal tools. From Doc Johnson  DJ029001  

Vibrating Spectra Anal Tool Avg Retail Price $20.00
This is the vibrating version. I like it better than the non vibrating version. I have incredible rolling all over body orgasms when it’s used on me. It makes my mouth squirt. And it’s waterproof. Not to mention purple. From Doc Johnson  DJ119001  

Electro Anal Beads  $30.00
A little more power in these puppies. It’s a sexy black design and they are flexible although harder than the Spectra Gels. Covered in latex with lots of different speed settings. This is the Cadillac of the vibrating anal bead toys.  From Doc Johnson  DJ163201  

Spectra Gel Anal PlugAvg Retail Price $10.00
My first butt plug!!!!  I got it cause it was purple and back in the day that was rare. It definitely is the best one for beginners because of its size and aerodynamic form. I always have 3 or 4 around cause there are always a few anal novices coming to visit. From Doc Johnson DJ029006

Red Devil Peter Sucker  Avg Retail Price $50.00
It sucks AND it vibrates.  Try finding a mouth that does that.  And it’s sexy red. From Doc Johnson DJ065801  

Deluxe Wonder Plug. Avg Retail Price $30.00
This is a treat. It goes in fairly well although a little tight for beginners. Then you pump it up so you feel really full inside. AND it vibrates. A toe
curling experience for sure. From Doc Johnson DJ118101    

3 Piece Cock and Ball Divider  Avg Retail Price $15.00
It lifts and it separates. Men love that feeling. I love black leather strapped tight around a man’s cock. Now we can both be happy. From Doc Johnson  DJ200101

English Cock and Ball Cage  Avg Retail Price $16.00
It lifts, It separates, and it’s got a cock ring too. This is for someone who doesn’t mind being uncomfortable. It’s really very sexy. Gives me a hankering for fish and chips. Extra sauce. From Doc Johnson  DJ200201  

Parachute Ball Stretcher Avg Retail Price $30.00
Pricey but it’s a really good one. Ever hang a bowling ball off your boyfriend’s balls?  I have. From Doc Johnson  DJ200301  

Black Leather Restraints with Velcro Avg Retail Price $50.00
Thank God for NASA. These are sexy and black and leather. Very contemporary styling. But no buckles. It’s very hard to unbuckle restraints when your hands are slippery with lotion from the handjob. These make my life so much easier. From Doc Johnson  DJ202001  

Gauntlet Restraints Avg Retail Price $80.00
Now this is sexy. A woman with her arms pulled behind her back so her titties are forced forward. She’s pretty from the back AND from the front. No frustrating buckles. It’s all velcro. And it has some studs for extra bling. From Doc Johnson  DJ202401  

Suspension Cuffs Avg Retail Price $70.00
Don’t be an amateur. If you are gonna hang someone from the rafters use the right set of cuffs. These are very good suspension cuffs. Make sure you get good safety release clips for them.  From Doc Johnson DJ202501  

Rubber Ball Gag Avg Retail Price $30.00
Tired of back talk when you are tormenting your girlfriend? Does she have that annoying nasal nanny whine?  Well just gag her. I like this one cause the ball is red and it has abuckle which tends to stay on better than just a tied leather thong. I just wish toy designers would put the buckle to the side. Is anyone listening to me?  I should get a job designing sex toys. From Doc Johnson  DJ204001

Leather Hood with Removable Blindfold and Gag Avg Retail Price $100.00
This is my favorite every day leather hood. My boyfriend has had his for 4 years now. The gag does have some wear on it from his sucking and chewing it during sessions. But it’s still in good shape. It laces up the back and it fits his big head. From Doc Johnson  DJ204301  

Clover Clamps Avg Retail Price $15.00
I hate all nipple clamps but I don’t have to wear them anymore. They do grab on and they aren’t too too tight. You can get them at Joann fabrics in the quilting section. But Doc Johnson has them on chains. DJ208201  

Auto Vibe Deluxe  Avg Retail Price $30.00
I never understood why anyone would need a vibrator in the car. Then I started driving to Florida every other month to visit my parents when they retired
(abandoned me). Now I know. One trip I really REALLY needed to cum. This one is so cute. It’s very powerful and it’s Pink!!  From Doc Johnson  DJ037802

Slimline Ballsy Blue Jelly Dildos Avg Retail Price  $10 to $20  5″ to 9″
These are such a pretty blue color. Too small for me but perfect for my boyfriend’s a
*. Nice and slim so he doesn’t whine, too much. They make smaller ones but
really, why bother?  Doc Johnson
DJ027919  5.5″
DJ027920  7″  
DJ027921  9″

VIBRATING Slimline Ballsy Blue Jelly Dildos Avg Retail Price $60 to $70  5″ to 7″
Same pretty blue jelly dildos with all the veins, only they vibrate. Stick that in your strap on and smoke him. From Doc Johnson
DJ119102    5.5″  
DJ119103    7″    

Pecker Ball Gag  Avg Retail Price $13.00
Now this is cute, and very reasonably priced.  And it’s purple. It’s a little small but its got a great feel to it and it’s oh so humiliating. From PipeDreams PD213502  

Beginners Wrist Restraints Avg Retail Price $13.00
This is a low cost way to see if you are really into this bondage stuff. And it’s safer than silk ties which you wont be able to untie fast in an emergency and inevitably you will have to cut to get off. I like the sexy black patent leather look and I love the velcro. Sometimes I am just too lazy to
get out and buckle up the cuffs or tie the rope. This makes life so much easier. From PipeDreams PD212300

Blue Nose Dolphin  Avg Retail Price $13.00
This is a cute bath toy. It’s pretty powerful and it’s waterproof.  And the rubber tip feels really good. From PipeDreams  PD301900

Remote Control Egg Avg Retail Price $40 to $60
You wont find a better one.  Take it with you to a Restaurant. Have your girlfriend go into the restroom and  insert it. And watch her try to sip water and order dinner while you buzz her. . Fun fun fun. From PipeDreams
PD267211   Pink  
PD267212   Purple  

Remote Control Butt Plug Avg Retail Price $50.00
Definitely not for a beginner. But this is a great toy to have for parties and going to the movies. Or church. From PipeDreams PD282914

Vibrating Nipple Suckers Avg Retail Price Avg Retail Price $25.00
No wires make these more versatile than the others. They are quite powerful and they are…..Pink!!! From PipeDreams PD185212  

Vibrating Masturbator Avg Retail Price $20.00
It’s a pretty pink sleeve. Put some warming lube on your cock and close your eyes. Feels just like a vagina. You do remember what a vagina feels like right? I said close your eyes. From PipeDreams PD184500  

Remote Control Robo Ring Avg Retail Price $50.00
A vibrating cock ring with beads. Make him wear this and the remote butt plug when his friends are over for the game.  What buzzing noise?  From PipeDreams PD231600

This is my big find of the year 2005. The Anal Bead Hitachi Attachment.  Avg Retail Price $15.00
Now I am not a big fan of the Hitachi Vibrator. It’s just too much like a jackhammer and it numbs you out. But this attachment is awesome if you are into that kind of stimulation. From TOPCO A8717-6

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