Long ago, I decided that “Xmas” was mildly tacky so I always write it as is, and I don’t have a problem wishing people “Merry Christmas.” I just mean it in a kindly, holiday kinda spirit. (Even though I’m a proud heathen.) And I just don’t get why the conservatives have to turn this into a flame war every damn year. I subscribe to The Conservative Voice so I’m hip to what they’re writing about. This arrived this morning in my e-mail:

Taking Christ out of Christmas… Do We Really Have to Take it Anymore?

Well I see that the scrooges on the left side of the political spectrum are at it again … taking down Christmas trees, renaming items as “holiday” such as holiday cards, holiday tree, holiday party, holiday gifts, etc. The list just keeps going on. …

You liberal scrooges, you! Good lord. Well, who better than Keith Olbermann to put this crap to rest with this “Worst Person(s) in the World” nightly award on MSNBC’s Countdown:

… the winners, FOX News again. Remember last night, we told you that despite this phony baloney story they concocted about liberals trying to replace Christmas recognitions with the generic happy holidays? They’re own Web site was selling Bill O’Reilly Holiday ornaments for your holiday tree instead of Bill O’Reilly Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree? Today they change it. The Web site now identifies them as Christmas ornaments. Hypocritical sons of—oh, well.

This holiday time of year, let’s be forgiving. Let’s just all be happy in the knowledge that somebody is finally going to hang Bill O’Reilly’s ornaments from a tree somewhere! FOX News Channel, today’s worst persons in the world!

Read the (full transcript of the Thursday show.)

Then Crooks and Liars spotted this sweet twist in Fox’s phony, hypocritical Christ-in-Christmas campaign:

Fox News Poll: Not Fooled by Bill O’Reilly’s fake Christmas war

“It’s pretty bad Mr. O’Reilly, when your constant pounding of the ‘War on Christmas’, theme doesn’t even resonate with your own audience,” writes C&L.

By the way, while we’re talking about “worst persons in the world,” Crooks & Liars also has an excellent piece on how Bill O’Reilly promotes internet smear sites. John Amato at C&L also takes Ann Coulter to task in this same piece for her cruel, thoughtless behavior towards an actress who dared to disagree with her. Coulter published the actress’s address and phone number, and refuses to take it down. The actress is receiving threatening phone calls. This is goes beyond the pale.

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