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Fri Dec 02, 2005 at 11:14:40 AM PDT
Senior citizens are just not buying it–they’re bailing by the busload. Many, who knows maybe most, will continue to muddle through, buy their drugs in Mexico, Canada or over the internet, because here’s the kicker–Canada, Mexico or the internet have more credibility than the United States government! There going to tough it out, until they get real coverage that they TRUST.

The operative word here is TRUST.

The L.A. Times is reporting this morning in an above the fold story, that the confusion among seniors and the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Scam) is so rampant that Congress scum are being beseiged by their constituents to delay the deadline for enrollment. If you don’t know, let me be the first to tell you, there are significant financial penalties for not signing up by the Spring. Wonder why? Ask your Congressperson tucked cozily in bed with the insurance industry and the Abramoff/DeLay lobbyists.
Allow me to tell you folks, there’s tremendous anger  among our nations senior citizens. They know they’ve been had.   I was at a small gathering of well educated senior citizens in Los Angeles. My mother was one of them. She’s been conned–and she ain’t biting. “They’re deliberately trying to confuse us.”

Here the operative word is, DELIBERATELY.

Every last one of the people I met is prepared to resist signing up for the Medicare prescription Drug benefit because they no longer trust one word coming from this president or this government!

Mind you this is not a group of left wing, communists. These are your parents, your grandparents–these are America’s senior citizens.

They read the newspaper, they watch CNN  and they see nothing but lies, deceit, corruption, scandal, larceny, misdeads and they link the whole mess into one big bucket of toxic waste. Their life saving prescription drugs are too precious to risk on the spin and lies of the Bush regime.

They are suspicious, angry and scared and do not trust anything coming from the thugs in Washington.  They link the Medicare Drug Benefit to the stream of lies about Iraq, the deficit, Mission Accomplished–you know the litany.  IT’S ALL OF A PIECE.

They ask, “I should trust George Bush–what makes the Medicare Drug benefit different from anything else coming from these liars?” Someone else said, “The Medicare Drug Benefit is the next scandal.” Sounds reasonable to me.

These people can’t be fooled, or conned. The lying stops at the water’s edge–America’s senior citizens.

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