While some “individual” (is that better?) was accusing me of baiting earlier today, some real baiting has been going on in the name of the so-called “War on Christmas.” Seems that Townhall.com has its own Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski. Read on below the fold:
The Heritage Foundation’s New Judenrat, by Cernig includes the following clip from Burt Prelutsky:

When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian, agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the ACLU, at the forefront.

… the dirty little secret in America is that anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in society; it’s been replaced by a rampant anti-Christianity. For example, the hatred spewed towards George W. Bush has far less to do with his policies than it does with his religion.

…It is the ACLU, which is overwhelmingly Jewish in terms of membership and funding, that is leading the attack against Christianity in America. It is they who have conned far too many people into believing that the phrase “separation of church and state” actually exists somewhere in the Constitution.

You may have noticed, though, that the ACLU is highly selective when it comes to religious intolerance. The same group of self-righteous shysters who, at the drop of a “Merry Christmas” will slap you with an injunction, will fight for the right of an American Indian to ingest peyote and a devout Islamic woman to be veiled on her driver’s license.

I happen to despise bullies and bigots. I hate them when they represent the majority, but no less when, like Jews in America, they represent an infinitesimal minority.

I am getting the idea that too many Jews won’t be happy until they pull off their own version of the Spanish Inquisition, forcing Christians to either deny their faith and convert to agnosticism or suffer the consequences.

I would definitely suggest checking out the rest of Cernig’s blog entry, and explore some of the links he provides. I’m among those who’ve argued for a while that fascism is no longer “creeping.” It’s driving a Hummer at 100 mph straight at whatever’s left of the Constitution.

Go ahead and rip folks like me a new one for being to “controversial” or go and educate yourselves about a phenomenon that promises to be a gargantuan challenge to all of us who frequent the frogpond. Choice is yours. Just sayin’.

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