Oh man. Justice Sunday III. It’s coming to Philadelphia – my fucking hometown. How dare they. I heard from a friend that it would be in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, but forgot about it until I read this interview by Matt Stoller of MyDD of Michael Schiavo which mentioned it’s coming.

A dKos entry announcing the change of date from December 4th to January 8th as reported on DefCon Blog in November.

The event is Sunday January 8, 2006 at The Greater Exodus Baptist Church which is at 714 N. Broad St. It’s from 7p-8.30p and a second serving from 9p-10.30p. That’s wildcard weekend for the NFC and the Iggles will probably not be partaking in those festivities, so Philly should represent well there; Philly is rather anti-all this extremist Right wing crap.

As of right now, the only esteemed speakers announced for the event are the venerable Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family and the pious Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Rev. Herbert Lusk of the GEPC will also be speaking. I’m not familiar with Rev. Lusk’s past other than this brief bio, he was a back for the Eagles in the 70s.

I have no idea as to the full agenda, but this is the skinny from the invite Perkins sent out for a pastor-only breakfast in Philly earlier this month:

The Theme is “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land” (Lev 25:10).

Over the last forty years the courts have systematically chiseled away at the religious liberty of Americans. From the Pledge of Allegiance to the motto on our coins to the public display of the Ten Commandments, the Christian foundation of our nation is at risk. More than ever before the spiritual leaders of our nation must stand united in defending the foundation of our liberty – the Christian faith.

Good God. Our nation is at risk here. All of us, not just Christians. Wackjobs cannot be making decisions for all of us, from any extreme.

I plan on being there, camera gear in hand.

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