A reminder to some, and an introduction to others: a group of Booman Tribune members and nascent cyber activists, wholly on their own, have developed a letter writing campaign to oppose the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. Here’s a description of their 12 day program from the project’s ringleader herself, Tampopo:

Day 1 (posted 12/11; sent 12/12): A warning to Congress that Alito is a threat to them, weakening checks and balances. It’s personal!

Day 2 (posted 12/12; sent 12/13): age discrimination/ Family Leave Act

Day 3 (posted 12/13; sent 12/14): Alito’s failure to recuse – trust him now?

Day 4 (posted 12/14; sent 12/15): threat to people with disabilities

Day 5 (posted 12/15; sent 12/16): Roe v. Wade.

Day 6 and 7 (posted 12/16; sent 12/17): separation of church and state/religious freedom

Day 8 (posted 12/17; sent 12/19): Alito’s membership in CAP (Concerned Alumni of Princeton).

Day 9 (posted 12/19; sent 12/20): racial discrimination related to Alito’s court opinions.

Day 10 (posted 12/20; sent 12/21): gender discrimination related to Alito’s court opinions.

Day 11 (posted 12/21; sent 12/22): enivroment/immigration/worker’s rights.

Day 12 (posted 12/22; sent 12/23) a concluding message of some kind. Just Say, “No?” “We’ll be watching?”

Susan Hu wrote the current diary, Day 4, about the threat to people with disabilities. Go check it out.

Here are links to the previous diaries in the campaign, and more importantly, what you can do to help.

Counting in reverse order, here are the links to the prior diaries in the series:

For Justice: Day Three — Alito and Judicial Ethics

For Justice: Day 2 regarding Alito’s positions on age discrimination & FMLA.

And the diary that started us rolling, For Justice – DIARY DAY 1.

So, the question on your mind at this point (I hope) is probably what am I supposed to with these letters, and the ones to be posted over the next eight days?

Well, it’s simple really. Take each day’s letter as it’s posted, edit to suit your own style (or simply use it verbatim if you like), and send it off via snail mail, email or fax to your Senators and especially the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Click here for Senate Judiciary Members and click here for for a list of all Senators.

Other steps you can take (care of judybrowni):

For instance, Save the Court has already gathered nearly 55,000 signatures that will be presented to Senators:

Save the Court Petition

And while you’re at it: sign Planned Parenthood’s anti-Alito petition, too:

Planned Parenthood Petition

NARAL is shooting for 500,000 signatures, please add yours:

Naral Anti-Alito Petition

Campus Progress’ “Stop Alito’s America” Campaign:

Stop Alito’s America Petition

And don’t forget: urge Congress to support Plan B:

Plan B Petition

So, please help us out by taking the time during the next 8 days to find each day’s “For Justice” diary, read it, and send it out to your Senators. Click on the links provided for prior diaries.

And feel free to spread the word about the campaign by sending the letters to all on your email lists, or by posting the letters on any blog to which you post.

Thank you.

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