Closing the Lounge – the Longest Night Cafe is now Open!

The Lounge is open for the early evening festivities!

Merry Meet and Welcome to Newbies and Lurkers and Regulars!

The Yule Log has been lit and a blessing on the Frog Pond House has been said.

~ ~ ~

When my heart is heavy and my mind is pained, I wake and know that I can find a friend as close as the Froggy Bottom Café. When I need a giggle or smile or the serenity of a beautiful place, I know I can find it here also. So as darkness falls across North America and the Yule fires are lit, I wish you all – my friends that make me laugh and cry – a blessed Yuletide.

Now let the celebration of the darkest night returning to the light of the sun begin!

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