Apparently our school system here is teaching evolution but also discussing Intelligent Design in science classes as well.  I am retired, and I am not sure just how far they go with it.

I am not sure of the intent of the Dover decision, and I am just wondering if she is assuming too much in keeping on with it.

McKinzie: Polk Schools Teach Evolution, Allow Discussions of Intelligent Design

LAKELAND — A federal judge’s decision Tuesday to bar a Pennsylvania school district from discussing intelligent design doesn’t prevent teachers in Polk County from discussing it.

The judge said the Dover Area School Board violated the Constitution when it required biology teachers to include intelligent design, the idea that life began as a result of an intelligent force or being, into their curricula.

But Polk County Superintendent Gail McKinzie said she’s not opposed to science teachers discussing or even formally presenting the controversial theory in science classes, so long as they don’t exclude traditional science.

“I wouldn’t want to say you must only teach evolution,” she said. “. . . I think obviously evolution is based on scientific theory. But I’m also confident other explanations of how people have come to be on Earth provide other discussion topics.”

Polk’s science books, as do most science books, include sections on the theory of evolution. Evolutionary science says life today, including plants, animals and humans, developed through a series of small changes over very long periods of time.

The theory conflicts with the Biblical interpretation of the Earth’s creation.

Does that conflict with the ruling especially?  I am just not that familiar with the wording.  
This superintendent seems very comfy with the religious right, and she is allowing a religous group to provide material for alternative education classes.  This might not bother me if circumstances were different in this country.  

I don’t question the motives of this local religious group, I just question that they are allowed to provide curriculum in public schools.  Note the article says their curriculum might be expanded to more schools later.  Here is an article about PEACE, which is affiliated with a group called DART.  

Action Group Turns Focus to Drugs, Crime

LAKELAND — A local, religiously based community-action organization has begun its sixth year by declaring victory in a long-running controversy over remedial reading and turning its attention to drugs and crime.

The Polk Ecumenical Action Council for Empowerment, or PEACE, held its annual assembly Monday night at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lakeland. About 325 people representing 20 congregations were present at the meeting, at which PEACE members decided which community issues they will address in the coming year.

PEACE is an interracial, interfaith organization that identifies issues of concern to its members and lobbies public officials for solutions.

On Monday, the council put an end to years of dispute with the Polk County School District. For nearly three years, PEACE tried to persuade the

district to use the Reading Mastery curriculum to boost reading scores among elementary schools with a high percentage of at-risk students. Former Superintendent Jim Thornhill refused to consider the request, and relations between PEACE and the district became antagonistic.

In May, new Superintendent Gail McKinzie attended a PEACE meeting and promised to expand use of the curriculum.

Here is the national group with which they are affiliated.  It seems to be a worthy group, so I am not questioning their importance.  I am only wondering if they should be providing the classroom materials.

The DART Center

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