I was furious about the election theft in 2000.
I was angry about the WMD lies and the war.
I was angry and horrified by Abu Ghraib and the coverup of Bushlag Archipelago.
I was angry about a 5 year war on our environment.
I’m still boiling about Katrina.

Wiretaps seem like nothing. These guys said that habeus corpus was a suggestion, that the Geneva convention was “quaint”, that unless it caused major organ damage torture wasn’t torture – a few fingernails and a blowtorch are just persuasion. Who is surprised to hear that they spy without a judge’s consent? Do people think that you can advocate waterboarding and have qualms about a fucking warrant? That you can applaud a heckuva job when armed to the teeth cops pen citizens in a bowl of sewage and still worry about privacy? I don’t get the outrage now.


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