In a world so committed to technology, for a small ngo bridging the gap between field data and the international world of information is always our biggest challenge. It takes computers that are powerful enough to handle the data and not loose the files. When we can we go with Apple. But now since we don’t have one and we are in Vientiane, we work with other people who have our data scattered around the world, in this case in Prague, and they are fortunate enough to help us edit audio interviews and video interviews and get them on the web.
And why is this important, well it has to do with “delivering the goods” to the public about a people most have not heard about, let alone know what is happening to them.

Thanks to Prague in the downloads section of we now have video and audio downloads.

An Akha man tells in his own words how the US missions in Thailand did everything they could to destroy his culture. We think its worth hearing. And we have more video coming from our Akha archives in Prague.

Plan Columbia is out there, but the mission and drug wars of SE Asia?

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