Now that the U.S. has engineered an Iranian take over of large portions of Iraq, the policy analysts, experts, and critical thinking members of the administration will probably come to the following conclusion:

Attack Iran by Air.

While we are at it…attack Syria by air.

In this way, Iranian influence over Iraq can be weakened. Rather than directly supporting the insurgents who the U.S. is now fighting, it will probably be more prudent politically to attack Iran directly. This temporarily avoids the embarrassing yet inevitable switching of sides in Iraq that the U.S. must do according to its philosophy of protecting America and American interests. Now that Iraq has “voted” into office a fundamentalist government, the U.S media can only report it, and the administration can only see it as a supporter of terrorism and as an Islamic State. Iraq  can only be weakened  and controlled by partially destroying its source of strength-Iran. Chaos must be brought to Iran in order to distract it from its activities in Iraq. Operation Chaos seems to be what Israel has ordered its client state…U.S.A. to enact.

Of course the emphasis by the Bush administration will be that they are simply taking out Iran’s nuclear capability. In fact, they will attempt to destroy as much of the Iranian army, the navy and the Iranian air force along with power plants and administrative centers loosely deemed related to Iran’s’s nuclear capability as they can. It will be a brief air war, lasting only a few days. If Iran retaliates by destroying oil production in the Mid East, or attacking American ships, and ground troops they will be threatened with total destruction. They will be allowed to counter attack as long as it doesn’t make the administration look really bad politically. I am sure the U.S. will give Iran notice not to retaliate, but rather Iran must allow itself to be attacked for partial destruction, from which they can recover. Iran is capable of retaliation, but it’s being put into a position of being given a choice,  a choice between taking a punch in the face or retaliating and then being shot in the head. If you want to survive you take the punch in the face. Retaliation against the United States could never be a knock out blow, just economic damage and killing only a few hundred soldiers at best in Iraq. I think that is what the administration anticipates and reasons. This will be an agreed upon war by both sides. Not something uncommon in history.

George Bush will go for broke. He will not back down from his position. Administration officials will promote this campaign as part of the War on Terror, rallying the American people around the brave fighting men and women of the American forces who are willing to make the greatest sacrifice of all, giving their lives for freedom.

“Facts” will be presented showing that Iran intended to produce a nuclear weapon…or perhaps already had one…. purchased from Soviet stockpiles…. and was prepared to use it to wipe out the State of Israel. Proof is in the comments made recently by the Iranian president.

George Bush….who likes to be dramatic and get off to “fresh starts”… maybe planning these events early on in the year. He really can’t go on like this, he’s losing ground politically at a very rapid rate. That becomes a personal threat to him, a threat that exposes him as a failure. i don’t think he will allow that to happen and by these actions of course he will be an even grander failure. That is his fate.

What else can he do? There is no retreat from his position. Bush has placed himself in an all or nothing position. The coming Islamic State of Iraq (in the South really) hasn’t quite hit home yet in the American Media. This is a disaster waiting to happen. When the media begins addressing the inevitable take over of Iraq and the Sharia imposed on it, it’s going to be obvious that the war in Iraq was a total failure. The only recourse is to keep attacking new enemies and weakening those in “power” in Iraq. His incompetence, the incompetence of the American military, the American Congress and the American people will take the world into yet another phase of chaos.

Those who are trying to undermine Bush are not working fast enough.

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