In the current thread on NSA spying (NYT: NSA Spying Much Larger than Reported) Oui wrote a comment that asked “Will This Ever End … in impeachment?”

Once again, we do not seem to understand what is really going on here.

This info-harvesting is not a “BushCo” thing.


Read on for my reply to Oui’s comment.
Will this ever end in impeachment?

I think that the REAL question here is whether impeachment would truly end these practices.

And the answer is no.

This is PermaGov stuff, Oui.

The people who are doing this are out of control. Out of the oversight loop, effectively speaking. We have allowed a secret government that is independently funded…or perhaps better stated, has the capability to fund itself through the drug and arms trades and insider trading at the very least…to take over. When we did not rise up and demand the truth about JFK’s assassination and those that followed, we lost control of this part of the government. If we ever had it in the first place. And we did NOT rise up then because they had already established a great deal of control over the media.

Who knew?


Controlling the PermaGov intel sysytem is what BushCo attempted to do. Control it and set up a parallel system that was within the administration’s own control. For even WORSE purposes. As did Nixon. And this inexorable move that we are currently seeing towards the end of BushCo is today’s Watergate. A setup. Or more accurately, a well executed utilization of the BushCo/Neo-con weaknesses, as was Watergate during the Nixon era.


Or at LEAST render BushCo impotent?


BushCo is a criminal organization.

But think that impeachment will “end” the surveillance that is easily available in this information age?


Ain’t gonna happen.

Not unless we have a top to bottom reorganization of the system. Which is highly unlikely as long as these people are in the (secret) catbird seat and do not themselves screw up royally. Which, being “intelligence”, they are supposedly too smart to do.

We shall see.

You want privacy?

Take your OWN measures.

Or learn to live without it.

If you are on the net in any way or using any sort of telephone…you are being watched.

Not personally…

“Nuthin’ personal. YOU understand. It’s just business.”

Just as part of that big roundup in the sky.

Throw out a big net and round up the (un)usual suspects that fall into it.

As long as we have enemies and live an electronic world…that’s what’s going to be happening.

Bet on it.

You want real privacy?

Take the person to whom you wish to talk and go for a walk in a neighborhood you do not often frequent. Go into a wooded area where high tech, highly focusable mics cannot pick up what you are saying. Frisk your friend to make sure (s)he is not wired.

And talk.

I get yer “privacy”, right HERE!!!

Or…do not be a thought criminal. Simply do not practice crimethought…disagreement with how the government operates on ANY level. At the very least never speak of it in any way, shape, manner or form. No crimespeak? Then they won’t be interested in you.

That’s what we have come to, Oui.

It used to be “Just say no.”

Then I suggested that we change that to “Just say yes.”

But the REALITY of the situation if you want to be un-surveilled is this.

Just say nothing.

Or…get ready to fight.

Your choice.

They have already MADE theirs.

Bet on it.

Have fun…


P.S. At least we (thankfully) still have a two party system.

It just doesn’t consist of the two parties that we normally associate with the idea.

We have the PermaGov, and then we have the Republicrats. The Democratpublicans.

Republicrats and/or Democratpublicans come and go.

But the PermaParty STAYS.

Bet on it.

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