I want to thank you all, especially Nico, for inviting me to your discussion.  

I am not much of a writer.  I write, as I photograph, from my heart and not my head.  So, it is with some trepidation that what began as a letter to a few friends was shared with so many.  I am humbled if you are moved by anything I have to share.  

I’ve received a number of requests for my photographs.  In 1997, in a fit of madness, I burned my prints and negatives.  

The photographs that remain are in my possession.  And, will no longer be shared with the world.  I do this out of respect for the Humans Being in my images.

My current work may be seen here:

I have more essays I will post soon.  My Thanksgiving essays were much less considered and far more emotional.  

I hope what my diary lacks in quantity and frequency, will redeemed by virtue of its content.  

I am a private man.  By nature, I am shy.  

Thank you for you kind regards…

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