Just a week after Drudge highlighted an article about celebrities refusing to entertain the troops, Al Franken is spending the holidays in the Middle East with the USO entertaining the troops.
Franken’s visit, his third so far, has received hardly any coverage. If O’Reilly or Limbaugh took the trip, the “liberal media” would be all over it.

The only story I could find about Franken’s visit is from Army Public Affairs:

Tour participants included comedian Al Franken; actress Traylor Howard; Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders Misty Cleveland and Lynlee Allen; hip-hop band Soul Jahz; and country singers Keni Thomas, Craig Morgan and Mark Wills.

The USO celebrities also toured other areas of military operations. Franken was especially moved by a hospital visit he made while on the tour.

“I liked going to the hospital in the Green Zone because I’m very interested in some of the lives that have been saved,” Franken said. “It amazes me how quickly (medical personnel) respond and seeing the medical techniques they apply.”

Franken said he is very happy to be part of the USO and the show is just one way to say thank you.

“We did meet and greets at Abu Ghraib, but we ended up doing an impromptu show for those Soldiers, Marines and Airmen,” Franken said. “The tour has been great; I have a great group of people I am traveling with and it’s always good to see our Soldiers. It is always fun, moving, gratifying and humbling.”

The USO is in need of phone cards. To donate, visit USO Operation Phone Home.

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