Below is an e-mail received this morning from John Kerry in support of three women, Senator Debbie Stabenow (Michigan), Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington) and Lois Murphy (running in Pennsylvania’s 6th district). There is apparently an upcoming FEC funding deadline. Senator Kerry is attempting to raise funds on behalf of these individuals prior to the deadline close.  I wanted to pass this on for those who are interested and have not yet had the opportunity to see it.    
The e-mail:

Dear Friend,

In the final 72 hours of 2005, Keeping America’s Promise — the leadership committee I helped launch — is pulling out all the stops to help women candidates locked in crucial, must-win elections across America. We need to make sure that these impressive women have the resources they need to get their voices heard.

Senator Maria Cantwell has boldly stood up to powerful special interests to defend the Arctic Refuge. Senator Debbie Stabenow, a leader on health care and prescription drugs, faces a tough re-election battle after winning one of the closest Senate races of 2000. And Lois Murphy is locked in a tight, swing district Pennsylvania Congressional race against a close ally of Karl Rove and Tom DeLay.

I urge you to rush a critical year-end donation to help one, two, or all three of these strong Democrats in must-win 2006 contests:

Make a contribution to help these key races before the end of year deadline.

Our special 72-hour drive – in advance of important end-of-year FEC filing deadlines — is all part of our 2006 Fight Back strategy. We absolutely refuse to let any Democratic candidate go into the 2006 elections vulnerable to the smear and fear campaigning that has become the trademark of the Rove Republicans and their special interest allies. We won’t stand for Swift Boat-style attacks against anyone. That’s why it’s so critical for you to not only help these impressive women candidates but also fully fund our Fight Back initiatives.

Make a contribution to help these key races before the end of year deadline.

Make no mistake about it. We can only win in 2006 if we support our candidates at every turn and fight back against every unfounded attack and reckless charge. Keeping America’s Promise is playing a vitally important role in helping to produce 2006 victories forged in strong convictions and powered by an unshakable determination to win.

I encourage you to support strong women candidates locked in tough races. And I urge you to lend your immediate support to Keeping America’s Promise’s 2006 Fight Back Fund. There is so much at stake.

Make a contribution to help these key races before the end of year deadline.

With those two steps, you can make 2006 the year we change direction, take power out of the hands of those who have abused it, and move America forward.


John Kerry

P.S. Maria Cantwell in Washington, Lois Murphy in Pennsylvania, and Debbie Stabenow in Michigan are all in need of your immediate support. Please help as many of them as you can – and don’t forget to add a special donation to sustain the take-no-prisoners, no-holds-barred efforts of Keeping America’s Promise’s 2006 Fight Back Fund.

 Paid for by Friends of John Kerry, Inc.
Authorized by Cantwell 2006
Authorized by Stabenow for US Senate
Authorized by Lois Murphy for Congress  

To contribute

Here are three individual links to bypass the Kerry link:




Here is the general Kerry information link:


I’m sure that any support would be appreciated.

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