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Wed Dec 28, 2005 at 06:38:57 AM PDT

I suppose I should begin by confessing that I’m a rather straightforward person. As a matter of fact this is why my friends like me. I tend to reduce things to the nitty gritty. I’m also sort of a no bullshit type of person. This used to be a positive character trait. Kind of just say something and move on. I try not to get twisted up like a pretzel over inane nonsense.

The reason I bring this up is because I’m confused.  The commander in chief has been telling us for as long as I can remember that, “we’re at war.”  I listen to his urgent  words and I see people fighting and getting killed and I wonder, but I’m not at war.

What Mr. Bush says must be true, but I don’t see any signs of this where I live. What are you seeing?

Like most Americans, I’m eager to do my fair share for the war effort. So, yesterday, I took a stroll around Manhattan, the city I call home, looking for any signs that we’re at war.
Here’s what I can report from the ground:

I saw  hoards of people–many tourists from around America and around the world. Hoards of people doing festive things like ice skating, eating, sightseeing, and shopping. Throngs of very happy and carefree people. Or so it seems.

Oh yes, they’re shopping. The stores are packed. No one, except perhaps me, seems worried about lunatic suicide bombers. These after Christmas sales have people trembling, they are incredible, some stores are offering 80% off.

Now my mother who lived through World War II told me that during that war, the government meant business. She said there was some real, genuine sacrifice. The American people banded together and their was what was called a “war effort.”

I didn’t see any “war effort”. None. Zero. Nada.

I don’t see any sacrifice–ever, do you?

Well actually, I hope not to be criticized for making a factually inaccurate statement so allow me to back up. Yes, some are sacrificing. A few of our fellow citizens are knee deep in sacrifice. The young men and women in our “volunteer” army, and their families, they are sacrificing. People like Cindy Sheehan could write the definitive enclyclopedia on sacrifice. I couldn’t even write one entry.  I suppose the military families are doing the sacrificng for all of us.

But I haven’t done anything for the war. Have you? My life is devoid of sacrifice.

This is why I’m totally baffled when I hear the President say, “we’re at war.” Really?

This is why I am equally confused when he uses this “we’re at war” rhetoric to justify spying on me–and you.

I suppose Mr. Bush is the kind of fellow who never missed the opportunity to start a war that he could send his neighbors kid to fight.

So far though, I haven’t had to do a damned thing for the war effort. I suppose I should count my blessings and be happy that I have been asked for exactly nothing. Thank you, Mr. Bush.

Thank you for waging a big, nasty war and asking the American people for nothing.

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